Hi, I'm Antra Getzoff.

I am an entrepreneur devoted to holistic wellness, PROMOTING CRYOTHERAPY, eating no junk, and health without drugs.

I founded CryoProsUnited to help people like myself make this world a healthier place. Join me!

If you are a cryotherapy business owner, too, we've met for a reason ....

... BECAUSE I know how challenging it is to build a thriving business in a novel extremely niche industry. I made it work for myself, and I created the CryoProsUnited platform to help others succeed. YOU, too.

Back in 2011, I started a cryotherapy business from scratch, in a new market with no awareness and no demand. By 2016, my company had reached $1M in revenue. Now, I am putting my knowledge and hands-on experience to work by supporting other cryo-centered businesses, from those just starting to those scaling.

My goal is to help all cryotherapy entrepreneurs work on their businesses rather than in them; to have MORE TIME for what matters; to enjoy better ROI, faster GROWTH, and a TRIBE of like-minded people to rely on.

CryoProsUnited is a brand-neutral all-inclusive RESOURCES and RELATIONSHIPS COMPANY. We act as a platform to provide everything that a cryotherapy entrepreneur needs, from industry-specific information and knowledge to training in wellness and business, systems and tools, support and community. We are also committed to initiating or participating to projects that benefit the entire industry, like development of meaningful standards and regulations.

I believe in having a stronger voice by being UNITED - the more visible and respected the industry, the better the growth potential for all its participants.

JOIN ME on this mission if you are:

  • an owner or executive of a business that provides cryotherapy services or equipment, regardless the country of operation

  • an owner or executive of a business that sells to cryo businesses. e.g. nitrogen, insurance, financing, legal, marketing, or other services

  • a prospective cryotherapy business owner

  • a wellness professional

  • a firm believer in nature-based medication-free health care practices

NO ONE can succeed alone. We are all connected, and we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretzky